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November 9, 2013
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Test of Courage
(Ciel x Reader x Alois)

(Author’s note: This was a request from “chals099”.  Enjoy n_n!)

You sipped your tea in silence.  Your ex-boss and your potential boss were staring at one another.  Ciel’s expression was forcedly calm whereas Alois was outwardly outraged.  He crossed his arms and puckered his lips in a pouting manner.

“It’s not fair!  You CAN’T have her back!  You fired her!”  Alois snapped.  He jerked his chin towards Ciel.  “Plus, I’m a much better boss.”

“Oh, yes,” Ciel snorted.  “Much better.  You can almost afford to pay your servants half as much as I can.”

Alois laughed loudly.  He smacked his hand hard against the arm of his chair.  “Oh, that’s HILARIOUS!  Simply HILARIOUS!”

You groaned lowly and shook your head.  “Can you two stop being idiots for five seconds?  I’ve got a suggestion.”

Alois and Ciel glanced at you.  “Yes?”

“How about a competition of some sort?  You both have your downfalls, and you're equally stingy with your money, so I really can’t decide.”  You shrugged and placed down your cup.

“Fine,” Alois sighed.  “I can do anything he can do better.  So let’s get started already.  What did you have in mind?  A duel?  A card game?”

“Nothing so simple.”  You grinned mischievously.  “I propose a test of courage.”

“What does courage have to do with deciding your employer?”  Ciel asked flatly.  You shot him a sharp glare.


Alois nodded and crossed his legs.  He was rather feminine when he wanted to be…

“So tell us!  What do you want for us to do?”  He asked impatiently.  You tilted your head slightly.

“Guess my weight,” you said seriously.  Ciel’s face paled somewhat.  Alois snorted loudly.

“That’s stupid.  How does guessing your weight test our courage?”  He asked.  Claude, who was looming in the shadows, approached him and knelt by his chair.

“It’s a trap, Your Majesty,” he whispered.  “Don’t do it.”

You rolled your eyes.  The fact that Alois had his servants call him ‘Majesty’ was enough to make you not want to work for him.  But then again, Ciel did make you fluff his pillows six times each night and polish each of his shoes until he could see his reflection in them, so they were pretty even on the ‘terrible boss’ scale.

“Oh, come on!  Are both of you chickens?”  You taunted.  You leaned forwards and laced your fingers together.  “Guess.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, Claude,” Alois snapped to his butler.  His expression turned thoughtful.  “You weigh…fifty pounds!”

“Fifty pounds?”  You and Ciel said simultaneously.  You shook your head.  “There’s a distinction between brave and stupid.  What’s your guess, Ciel?”

Ciel glared at you.

“Sorry.  ‘Mister Phantomhive’,” You said with a devious grin.  Ciel rolled his eyes and tipped his head back as he pondered your question.  Finally he stood and jabbed his index finger at you.

“I refuse to play this ridiculous game!  There’s no possible way to win so it’s not worth playing,” he snapped.  Alois jumped up as well and clasped his hands together with a loud smacking sound.

“I win then!  She’s mine!”

Ciel’s eye widened.  “She is not!”

Finally you snorted loudly and approached the door.  The two boys glanced at you and narrowed their eyes.  “Where are you going?”

“Out.  You can call me when you both grow up,” you said flatly.  You glanced at Claude and smiled sweetly.  “See that they don’t hurt themselves, ‘kay~?  I’d hate for them to gauge each other’s eyes out on my account.”

You opened the door and glanced back at the two boys with a mischievous expression on your face.  You tilted your head slightly.  “Oh, yeah.  By the way, I weigh-”

Just then a chainsaw roared in the background, cutting off your voice.  Grell peered over your shoulder and shook his head.

“No, no, NO!  A lady mustn’t tell her weight!”  He snapped.

Claude nodded seriously.  “Exactly.”

You opened your mouth to reply, when Claude picked you up and threw you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  You glared at him and bashed your fist against his back.  “Hey!  What’s the bright idea?”

Claude turned on his heel and walked out of the room.  “You’re working for Master Alois.  I’ll never hear the end of it if he loses you to the Phantomhive brat.”


As I said in the note, this was a request.  I always worry when I write about Alois that I won't get his character right.  I am note very familiar with him (I have never seen a Black Butler episode with him in it), but this is sort of how I perceived him.  I really hope you all enjoy this story!  I really enjoyed writing it.  I wanted to make it sort of comedic, but cute :).  Thank you for reading and I look forward to reading your comments!


A Test of Courage (Ciel x Reader x Alois 2) (Link to part two)

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*dying* XD Lol Poor me! And good job Grell! And trust me, Claude, you will want to put me down before I shoot ice into your bloodstream my dear friend, I don't care if Alois will not stop complaining, put me down. XD
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I actually have written a part two :). It's in my gallery.
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Can you link it? I can't find it
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There's a link at the bottom of this chapter in the description LOL.
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