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That was the cost of the tiny object that rested comfortably in your palm.  It was shiny but otherwise unimpressive.  A single rose shape decorated the center of the metallic semicircle; the detailing was simple but appealing.  You had perused the entire website for an hour searching for something that piqued your interest.  A simple hoop was too boring, the psychedelic ones were too loud.  You considered purchasing a pack of three but to be honest you were skeptical about the whole thing.

'Cyber Monday, ladies and gentlemen...'

You sighed loudly and drug your eyes upward to your bathroom mirror.  Tiny specks of toothpaste and soap dotted it, but you were too lazy to clean it.  Tilting your head slightly, you flared your nostrils.  Would it even stay in?


"And then I thought maybe we could check out that new store that just opened up."


"They have awesome jackets, men's and women's."


Your eyebrow twitched irritably as you glanced at your companion.  He was as distracted as ever, his hand darting across a sketch pad and his eyes lazily appraising his work.  You cleared your throat loudly.

"There's water in the back."

"Are you even listening to me?"  You growled flatly.

"......" No response.

'That's it,' you inhaled deeply.  "I'M GETTING A PIERCING!"

His hand stopped.  You felt a bit dizzy, a mixture of frustration and anxiety fogging your brain.  Finally, Uta turned his sketchpad to you, revealing a new mask design.  "Does this look like it needs something to you?"


You felt a sudden heat wash over your body as weeks of built-up anger and frustration came flooding in.  All hesitation was gone.  You lifted the faux septum ring to your nose and adjusted it so that it was securely in place.  After a moment of preparing yourself, you allowed your eyes to scan your entire face in the mirror.

A small smile tugged at your lips.


CHING!  A loud chime alerted Uta to your presence.  Not that he needed it.  Your scent was noticeable from a mile away.  Subtle and sweet and oh so different.  It was his favorite perfume.  The ghoul expected your voice to follow soon after the chime, but was surprised by an unusual silence.  Still, he didn't dare look up from his work.

"Umm..."  You lingered near the door, hands clasped nervously behind your back.  'This is stupid,' you mentally chastised yourself.  'What's the worse that can happen?'

"Everything alright?"  Uta hummed disinterestedly.  His crimson eyes were locked on his current sketch.  He seemed even more fixated than usual.

"Fine, fine..."  You strolled past all of the mask displays, eyeing each of them with mild interest.  Uta really was talented.  "How are you today?"

"......" No response.

You could feel your frustration starting to flare once more but stifled it.  He'd have to look up eventually.

"Whatcha drawing?"

"......"  Silence.

"Is it another mask design?"

A series of rapid pencil scratches was the only response you received.  You could feel your heart drumming in your chest as you approached the ghoul.  He was handsome but unconventionally so.  His raven hair contrasted beautifully with his alabaster skin.  Every once in a while the light would catch one of his piercings and cause a tiny shimmer.  As you grew closer, you noticed just how detailed each of his tattoos were and how well they seemed to suit the structure of his muscles.  Perhaps handsome wasn't the correct word.

Uta was beautiful.

"Hey,"  Your index finger pressed down on his sketchbook, causing his crimson eyes to meet with your (eye color) ones.  You had never seen Uta's face so animated.  His eyes widened and his lips formed a pale line.  A pleasant heat crawled up your neck and colored your cheeks a rosy hue.

Uta said nothing.

Finally, after a long moment of staring, your fingers wrapped around his sketchpad and pried it from his fingers.  Uta didn't attempt to stop you, but you could tell by his lack of expression that he wasn't happy that you were intruding upon his work.  With a nervous smile, you allowed your eyes to scan over the textured piece of paper.

"Wow..."  You bit your lip, trying to keep the small blush from blossoming into a scarlet rash across your face.  The girl staring back at you from the sketchpad looked painfully familiar.  She was smiling and laughing nervously.  You remembered exactly when he'd seen you like this.

"That was the first time I saw you," Uta shrugged.  He crossed his arms lazily and began swiveling back and forth on his seat.  You didn't dare glance up at him. 

"When I entered your shop for the first time.  You tried to scare me..."

"And you laughed."  The swiveling stopped suddenly and Uta snatched the sketchpad from between your hands.  You opened your mouth to speak but closed it as he flicked your faux piercing.  "Looks like I'm gonna have to make some additions to any modern sketches, though."  You laughed awkwardly, causing a small grin to stretch Uta's thin lips.  His fingertips brushed your jawline gently.  "So beautiful..." 

You stiffened as his knuckles brushed against your collarbone.  Uta was so close now that you could feel the heat radiating off of his chest.  You had to force your brain to form a coherent sentence.  "You've drawn more pictures of me?"

Uta smirked, sending a chill down your spine.  He began flipping through his sketchpad, careful not to rip any of the pages.  In between every other mask design there was a different drawing of you in various moods.  You laughed as your eyes fell upon one that had to have been based upon your last visit.  "Oh, I really look like that when I'm mad?"

"Mmhmm~," Uta hummed.  He pressed his lips against your hair.  "So adorable."

A small squeak escaped your mouth as you felt Uta snake one arm around your waist, pulling you even closer.  His scent overwhelmed your senses.  It was sharp and clean, but also very natural.  Trying to seem as calm as possible, you let out a strained giggle.  "I guess I should have gotten a piercing sooner."

Uta lifted his head and gave you a flat look.  His right brow quirked.  "Don't even try it."

"What--"  There was a slight pinch as your faux septum ring was snatched our of your nose.  You were about to protest when Uta smashed his lips into yours, his hands cupping your face and tangling in your hair.  It was so sudden that you nearly forgot how to breathe.  All thoughts slipped out of your mind except for the heat of his breath against your tongue and the feel of his skin pressing against yours.

"______," Uta rested his cheek against yours, his breath tickling the shell of your ear.  You felt dizzy and a bit lightheaded; his voice barely registered.  "Don't ever change."


Okay!  So, I ordered a faux septum piercing over Cyber Monday and that sort of gave me the idea for this little fan fic...this is the first time I've written Uta so I hope he's not too OOC.  Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy!
MadAmbition Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Love it!
AnimeArtistRen Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)!
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