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Corpse Commotion
(Finny x Reader)

(Author’s note:  This is a Halloween special as well as a continuation of the story “Moles at Tea Time”.  I hope you all enjoy it :D!)

“Finny…I’m beginning to think you don’t know the definition of the word ‘date’,” you sighed as you plopped another fake spider into the crimson punch.  It smelled strongly of cherries, but considering it was Halloween, you couldn’t help but imagine it as being blood (you were dressed as a vampire for Ciel’s big Halloween party).  Finny laughed nervously and scratched his neck.

“Sorry, ______.  I’ll make it up to you, I swear.  But I really needed your help getting everything finished in time,” he said with a sheepish smile that could only be described as adorable.  You couldn’t stay mad at the overly strong, blond-haired gardener no matter how hard you tried.  He was just too darn cute!

“Fine…”  You muttered.  “When are the guests supposed to arrive?”

Finny glanced at his watch and blinked a few times.  “Now.”

      The whole yard was filled with people within a few minutes.  All of them were wearing costumes (though some put more into it than others), but it was easy to distinguish who was who.  You and Finny barely had enough time to decorate everything.  You had to wrap the trunks of all the trees in orange lights, put fake spider-webs on the refreshment table, place cheesy looking fake ghosts in various places, and stick plastic spiders on all the cupcakes and cookies (as well as in the punch-bowl).  Finny sighed and let his shoulders slump.

“I’m exhausted…I didn’t even put on my costume and I don’t feel like going and getting it now,” he mumbled, shooting you a tired glance.  You smiled, flashing him your fake vampire teeth.

“Me either.  It’s a shame, really.  I thought I might be a werewolf,” you said with a slight chuckle.  Finny grinned and straightened his posture a bit.

“It really is.  I think you’d make a lovely werewolf.”

You felt your face redden a bit and immediately chastised yourself for being so easily flattered.  You weren’t even sure if it was really a compliment…

   Just as you were pondering this, you felt something tap you on the shoulder.  You turned your head and glanced lazily at the person behind you.

“Hey!  Nice costume!”  You said with a bright smile.  Whoever it was, his costume was brilliant.  He was a zombie, rotted flesh and all.  The person let out a long moan, causing you to shiver involuntarily.  “Th-That’s really creepy…”

Finny glanced over his shoulder as well and blinked a few times.  His eyes widened as he saw the zombie-man standing behind you.

“Hey…that’s a nice costume and all, but I think you’re scaring my girlfriend.  Please stop,” he demanded with much more confidence than he actually had.  The strange person glanced at him and moaned again, but this time he managed to say an actual word.


You and Finny exchanged a sickly glance before turning back to the zombie-man.  You looked past him to see yet another zombie limping about the yard with her arms outstretched as if reaching for something.  Your jaw dropped.

“F-Finny…I don’t think these guys are wearing costumes,” you stuttered.  Finny gulped loudly and took your hand in his, leading you away from the undead couple.

“F-Funny…I was thinking the same thing…”  He laughed nervously.  You opened your mouth to speak, but before anything could come out, Finny threw you over his shoulder and ran across the yard towards a clump of trees.  Sebastian eyed you both suspiciously, pushing his spectacles up onto the bridge of his nose (he had decided to dress as an educated butler for the party).

    “What are we going to do?”  Finny panted.  He was bent over with his hands on his knees for support trying to catch his breath.  You held your chin thoughtfully in your right hand.

“We’re going to have to tell Sebastian-”

“No!”  Finny interrupted, his eyes frantic with worry.  “Mister Sebastian will kill me!  I was supposed to make sure that everything ran smoothly tonight!  What if he blames me for this?”

“How on earth could he blame you for this, Finny?”  You asked flatly.  “The estate is being attacked by zombies!”

“Only two of them,” Finny pointed out.  He clasped his hands together with a loud smacking sound and took a step closer to you so that your faces were mere inches apart.  “Please!  Help me get rid of them!  It can’t be that hard!”

An anime sweat-drop slid down your forehead.  “Yes, because exterminating zombies is my specialty…”

“Great!” Finny exclaimed, his eyes sparkling with gratitude.  He obviously didn’t hear the sarcasm in your voice.  You sighed.

“Let’s get this over with…”

    After a moment of planning, the two of you strolled back onto the lawn as casually as possible.  Finny was whistling some unfamiliar tune (probably a nursery rhyme of some sort) whereas you were just glancing around nonchalantly.  Sebastian arched an eyebrow as he saw the two of you approach the refreshment table.

“Where did you two run off to in such a hurry?”  He asked uninterestedly.  You and Finny exchanged a quick glance before replying.

“Oh, you know…just wanted to be alone…for reasons,” Finny muttered.  You and Sebastian stared at him blankly.  As innocent as he was, he had absolutely no clue what his statement insinuated to someone who didn’t know about the ‘situation’.  Sebastian cleared his throat and ladled out a glass of punch for himself.

“I see…well get back to work,” he commanded sternly.  Finny smiled and saluted him.

“Yes, Sir, Mister Sebastian, Sir!”

You scratched the back of your head awkwardly as you began glancing around the yard.  You didn’t see them anywhere.  After a moment, Finny tapped you on the shoulder.

“What is it?  Did you find one?”  You asked hopefully.  Finny shivered a bit.

“I found part of one…”  He murmured.  You arched an eyebrow questioningly.

“What do you mean part of- holy crap!”  Your eyes widened as Finny held up a decapitated head.  He grinned slightly.  You were the only girl he knew that would actually say something so…un-lady like but he really didn’t mind.  “What do we do with it?”

Finny shrugged and tossed the zombie head to you.  “I don’t know.”

You glanced at the head and shuddered a bit as it began biting at the air.  You tossed it back to Finny.

“Gross!  I don’t want it!”

“Well I don’t either!”  Finny snapped.  Before you knew it the two of you were passing the skull back and forth.  Finally you slung it as hard as you could, sending it flying past Finny.

    You both stared, dumbfounded, as the skull spiraled through the air right into the hand of a man (at least you thought it was a man) with long, crimson hair and rectangular spectacles.  He held it up to his face and blinked a few times.  His expression became suddenly solemn.

“Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well!”  He exclaimed with deep sorrow.  You approached the unfamiliar man and smiled slightly.

“Ah!  So you know him?”  You asked cheerfully.  “Did he die at a young age?  What a tragedy…”

The man’s eyebrow twitched out of irritation.  He put a hand on his hip and huffed indignantly.

“I’m quoting Hamlet you little imbecile,” he snapped.  He flipped his hair dramatically.  “Peasants!”

Finny peered over your shoulder at the strange man holding the zombie-head.  He swallowed nervously.

“Sooooooorry,” you muttered.  “Who are you, anyways?”

“Grell Sutcliff, Dear.  Remember that name,” he said.  He smiled, flashing you his pointed teeth.  You opened your mouth to speak, but stopped as he tucked the head under his arm and pulled a pencil from behind his ear.  He took a piece of folded up paper from his vest pocket.  “Well…that’s one item off of the list.”

You opened your mouth, then closed it.  You glanced at Finny who merely shrugged.

“Scavenger hunt,” he explained.  “It was Mey-Rin’s idea, I think…”

You nodded once.  “Ah…”

A moment later you saw Grell hold up the zombie-head and shake it frantically.  “Bassy!  Do I get extra points if the skull can talk~?”

An anime sweat-drop appeared on the back of your head.  “Skull…?  I think he’s a bit confused…”

“Tell me about it,” Finny sighed.  You glanced at Sebastian and saw that he was pointedly ignoring the strange red-head.  Finny cleared his throat.

“So there must be a body wandering around here without a head somewhere...”  He said to himself.  You glanced over at the refreshment table and sighed.

“I think I found it…”

His arms were outstretched and he was feeling around as if searching for his head.  Luckily, Sebastian was having a conversation with Grell over to the side and hadn’t noticed it.

“I can’t team up with you, Grell.  It is rather inappropriate for the one who helped hide the items to participate in the finding of them,” he explained with a note of irritation in his voice.  Grell puckered his lips in a pouting manner and stomped his foot.

“Well that’s no fun!”  He exclaimed.  He glared at the skull in his hand and tossed it over his shoulder.  “Won’t be needing that thing anymore!”
  You had just finished steering the headless zombie over into the bushes when you heard a loud yelp.  You turned abruptly, pulling the zombie’s arm off in the process.  You blinked a few times and stared at the limb.  You gave the zombie a sympathetic look.  “Sorry…”

Finny ran towards you, waving his arms around frantically.

“G-Get it off!  It’s going to eat me!”  He yelled.  Your eyes widened as you saw that the skull that Grell had thrown had landed on Finny’s head and was chewing on him…

“Hold on!”  You exclaimed.  You held the zombie’s arm like a baseball bat and with one swift swing, you managed to knock the zombie head clear across the lawn.  Your and Finny’s eyes followed it as it landed into the lime green gelatin-mold on the refreshments table.  You groaned exhaustedly.

“You have to be kidding me…how did no one see that?!”

Finny shrugged.  “I don’t know, but let’s get it before someone figures out it isn’t a decoration.”

 As you marched across the lawn, you were quickly stopped by Ciel who had a very serious look on his face (even more so than usual).  He was dressed in a fancy suit and top-hat, claiming to be a duke (you weren’t sure whose costume imagination was worse, his or Sebastian’s).

“Is something the matter, Sir?”  Finny asked nervously.  You managed to slip past the two of them unnoticed while they conversed.

Ciel cleared his throat.  “Finny, I’d like to talk to you about the tree lights.  Some of them have burnt out.  I thought I told you to replace any bulbs immediately if they burnt out?  The party is almost over and you haven’t done a thing all night but run around with your girlfriend.”

Finny laughed nervously and began twiddling his thumbs.  “I’m sorry, Sir.  I’ll do better next time.”

Ciel nodded.  “See that you do.”

  When you finally pulled the zombie head from the gelatin, it made a sickly slurping sound.  It had already eaten half of the mold so all that was left was a jumbled up blob of green.  Lime green ooze trickled out of its eye-sockets, causing you to cringe, and just as you thought it couldn’t get any more disgusting…it belched.

“Excuse you…”  You muttered.  You had just turned away from the table when you heard Sebastian call your name.  Out of fear, you tossed the head as high as you could over your shoulder, unsure as to where it would land.

“Ah.  There you are,” Sebastian said.  He arched an eyebrow.  “I was wondering if you’d walk the guests to their carriages?  Make sure they had a good time, yes?”

You smiled nervously and nodded.  “O-Of course!”

As you turned and walked towards the gates, you couldn’t help but wonder…where had that zombie head landed?

   Takanaka sat on the balcony watching the party with a cup of tea in his hands.  He was much too old to walk around the lawn all night, so he decided just to enjoy the evening air in his chair.  He glanced over to the seat beside him and smiled delightedly.

“Oh-ho-ho!  Sir Egbert, is that you?”  He chuckled as he held out his cup towards the decapitated zombie head.  “Tea?”

   “Do you think they’re gone?”  You whispered to Finny.  All of the guests were gone and all that remained was to clean up the decorations.  Finny gave you an exasperated look.

“I hope so…you know, we never did see that second zombie after the first time.  I wonder where it went?”

You both stiffened as Ciel clapped his hands down onto your shoulders.

“Good work.  Both of you.”  He said with a slight grin.  He turned and walked towards the mansion with a smug expression on his face.  “Ah, yes, and would you please make sure that Great Aunt Trudy and Uncle Albert get back into their graves before morning?  They only get to stretch their legs once a year.  Who knows where they got off to.”

You and Finny stared slack-jawed at the young earl.  Finny shook his head slowly.

“At least they weren’t zombie moles.  Now THAT would have been a problem.”

SO once again my awesome mother gave me the idea for an amazing story xD.  I hope you all enjoy and Happy Halloween :D!
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