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May 28, 2013
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(Grell x Reader)

“Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!”
An anime sweat-drop appeared on your forehead.  Grell stared at you blankly.  “I win again…”
Both of you sighed and plopped down onto the plush loveseat positioned in the middle of the room.  You were both extremely bored.  There was absolutely nothing to do.  Ciel and Sebastian were out of town and you were “mansion sitting” for them.  Grell had agreed to come over to keep you company but so far the day had been a total waste…
“I’m bored,” Grell muttered.
“Me too,” you ran your fingers through your long hair absentmindedly.  Grell glanced at you sidelong and a devious grin appeared on his face.
“_____~?”  He said in a flirty tone of voice.  He sat up straight and scooted towards you.
“Yes?”  You asked skeptically.
“Oh, never mind…you’ll probably say no…”
“Come on.  What is it?”  
“Weeeeell…”  Grell walked his index and middle fingers towards you.  “There’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since I first met you…”
Your face reddened a bit and you swallowed nervously.  “Oh, yeah?  What’s that?”
His grin widened and he took a piece of your gorgeous hair between his fingers and observed it carefully before speaking.  He glanced up at you from beneath his thick lashes.
“Can I…”  You blinked a few times.  “Cut your hair~?”
By this time you were burning scarlet.  You let out a breath of relief and thought for a moment.  You loved your hair but it WAS a bit long.  It got in the way when you worked and untangling it in the mornings was torture.  Grell watched you hopefully.  His emerald eyes were wide and he blinked them cutely.
“Alright, alright!”  You said finally.  “Just stop looking at me like that…”
Grell jumped up from the loveseat and started hopping, pulling his heels up high.  He squealed in the most girlish way imaginable.
“Yay!  Okay, let’s get started~!”
Before you knew it there were two pairs of red scissors in his gloved hands.  He snipped them and grinned devilishly.  You stared blankly, suddenly regretting your choice.
       “Just not too short, okay?”  You said flatly as he began measuring your hair through his fingers carefully.    
“Hmm...”  Grell hummed and stroked his chin thoughtfully.  “I have the perfect hairstyle!”
“Oh, yeah?”  You arched an eyebrow.  “What kind?”
The redheaded Shinigami paused and smiled innocently.  “It’s a surprise, Dear, but I assure you you’ll look fabulous~!”
You sighed and slumped your shoulders in defeat.  ‘I know I’m going to look ridiculous…’
                                                                                TWO HOURS LATER
“Are you almost done?”  You sighed.  Grell had forced you to wear a blindfold and it was starting to be annoying.  You tugged at it but immediately had your hand smacked.
“Ah-ah-ah!  Do you want for me to tie your hands up?  I’ll do it, you know,” Grell warned.  There was one final snip.  “All done~!”
You ripped the blindfold off of your eyes and stared at your reflection in the mirror blankly for a moment.  You didn’t even recognize yourself.  All of your long locks were gone.  Instead your face was framed by a cute pixie cut.  It looked adorable, but you were horrified that all of your beautiful hair was gone!  Grell placed his scissors down and flipped his hair dramatically.
“Don’t you just look absolutely-”
“MY HAIR!”  You interrupted.  “What did you do?!”
Grell backed up slowly as you stood and approached him.  He waved his hands in front of himself defensively.
“N-Now, now!  You said that I could~!”
              Glass shattered, furniture was destroyed, and a random cat screeched as you chased the redhead through the mansion.  His heels clicked loudly on the hard flooring.  You were just about to sling a butter-knife at him when suddenly Grell tripped over his long, red coat.  You tried to stop but seeing as you were going as fast as you could (and the floors had just recently been waxed), you ended up landing on top of him.  There was a loud thud and both of you groaned.  The butter-knife fell out of your hand and clattered beside Grell’s face.  He blinked a few times.
“Why a butter-knife?”
“It’s dull and it would hurt more!”  You snapped.  
You stood and sighed.  Grell copied the motion and cracked his back loudly.
“I don’t know what you’re so angry about!  You look beautiful!”  He grumbled as he dusted off his pants irritably.  When he looked up he saw that you were staring at him.  “What is it?  Do I have something on my face?”
“No,” you blushed.  “You’ve never said that about me before…”
“Said what?”
“That I’m beautiful…”  You muttered under your breath.
“Eh?”  Grell leaned forwards slightly.
“THAT I’M BEAUTIFUL!”  You yelled.
Grell stared at you with a puzzled look on his face.  “Of course you’re beautiful.  How could you not know that?  Do you even OWN a mirror?”
You shrugged and stared down at your shoes.  You were about to speak when suddenly Grell caught you by surprise with a soft kiss on the lips.  You blinked a few times and stared at him questioningly.
“What was that for?”
“I don’t know,” he shrugged and looked down sheepishly.  He ran his foot back and forth across the floor and smiled at you.  “I just wanted to.”
You returned the smile and cocked your head to the side shyly.

             “How many times do I have to tell you that I-”  Ciel stopped suddenly.  Sebastian pressed a gloved finger to his lips and nodded towards the couch.  You and Grell were snuggled up under a pile of blankets with some playing cards strewn around you.  You had your head against his chest and your hands gripped the front of his shirt gently.  Grell rested his chin on the top of your head and his arms held you securely in place.  Both of you were breathing softly.  Your lips twitched and you moved a bit closer to your companion.  Sebastian smiled.
“Disgusting…”  Ciel said flatly.  He wrinkled his nose and shuddered.
“Finally,” Sebastian gripped his hands together and sighed.  “I’m finally free!”

Another random Grell x Reader! I know I've written quite a few of these but it's really fun to write about Grell n_n! I hope you all enjoy it and I look forwards to reading your comments!
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Homestuck767 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
The ending tho XD I love it!
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Dawww ur profile pic
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Thank you ^w^
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Ur welcome and just think Eridan is so cute!
Homestuck767 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
Isn't he just the cutest little troll you've ever seen? /) 030 (\
AnimeArtistRen Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D!
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Good for you, Sebby. I'm happy for ya.

( now I can't stop thinking about him skipping around the mansion and flying out the window surrounded in sparkles and shit... I have a messed up mind)
AnimeArtistRen Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha this is what happens when we watch too much anime xD.  My brain does the same thing.
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